Dante’s itinerary in Vicenza with the Rotary Club Vicenza

On the occasion of the 700th anniversary of Dante’s death, the RTY has identified an itinerary that crosses the city’s historic centre in search of places linked with the great poet’s work. In particular, they relate to some passages in which there are direct and indirect references to the capital of Vicenza. The tour comprises nine stages, all located in the most central area of the city, within the area limited to car traffic, and can be enjoyed by all visitors, as it is free of architectural barriers.

The itinerary crosses the city’s most beautiful and interesting streets. These streets are overlooked by palaces built during the city’s urban development, from medieval ones to those designed by Palladio and other important architects of later periods.

There are tables with a QR code at each stop to facilitate the visit along the itinerary shown in the attached map. Through a smartphone connected to the internet, it will be possible to view texts containing all the information about the place, the people who lived there, and their relationship with Dante’s work, as well as historical curiosities about them. The text, presented both in Italian and English, also includes a system to facilitate reading by the visually impaired.

Professor Chiara Magaraggia of the Dante Alighieri Society collaborated in its realisation, lending her services for drafting the texts and the Rotaract Club Vicenza, who translated them into English. Sara Delfino and Alessandro Malerba also contributed free of charge, and as computer experts, implemented the software. The Municipality of Vicenza sponsored the initiative.

Have a pleasant walk! 

Andrea Piccioli                      

The President of the Rotary Club Vicenza


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